Actionable socio-hidrology science

To underpin consensus-building and decision-making in the Talanoa Dialogue, TALANOA-WATER will employ, advance and demonstrate operability of the concepts originated in socio-hydrology science, which includes explicit consideration of ecological processes and human behavioral responses, and their integration through a deeper understanding and representation of the two-way feedbacks between human and water/ecological systems (Sivapalan et al., 2014). We will field a suite of integrated climate, hydro(geo)logic, agronomic and socio-economic models that is actionable, i.e. created alongside stakeholders and capable of effectively informing and enhancing performance of transformational adaptation strategies. We will thoroughly sample uncertainty through ensemble experiments (multi-scenario, multi-model, perturbed physics), so to identify transformational adaptation strategies that show a satisfactory performance under most conceivable futures and ensure decision-making is robust. Modeling efforts and decision making will build on a sound water accounting framework that validates and applies FAO’s WaPOR approach, using remote sensing techniques to produce reliable estimates of consumed water and return flows, and biomass production.

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